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13-09-2005: Statement by the Minister of Public Order on school bus controls

On the occasion of the beginning of the new school year, the Minister of Public Order followed this morning the controls performed in school buses by the Attica Road Police.
Mr. Voulgarakis stated the following: “The safe transport of pupils constitutes a first priority for the Ministry of Public Order and this is why regular controls are already under way in the entire Greek territory; they will grow in terms of intensity and shall not seize for the rest of the school year.
I must admit that the first results deriving from these controls raise our concerns, because many of the buses controlled did not fulfill the conditions required so as to guarantee the pupils΄ safety. This is indeed a very dangerous sign.
I want the owners of the school buses to know that there will be very strict controls, because we are not at all willing to make excuses for any mistake whatsoever in this case. I would also like to ask the Parents΄ and Tutors΄ Associations to demand stricter controls from their respective schools. The only way to achieve a good result in this case is if each and every one of us helps their own way. I would like the communities of pupils to ask for the exact same thing.
As far as we are concerned, we shall perform controls on an everyday basis in different spots. As we speak, various controls are under way in all the cities in Greece. Later on, I will have the chance to visit some of the cities in the province and take a close look on these developments. Once again, let me ask for everybody?s help so that our children can enjoy a good school year. Thank you very much”.
At noon, the Minister shall follow the school buses controls, performed by the Road Police of the Department of Achaia.
Pictures are also available at the Athens News Agency website (www.ana.gr)

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