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Former Ministry of Public Order

The mission of the Ministry of Public Order is to:

  • safeguard and maintain public order
  • protect public and state security
  • prevent fires, forest fires and patrol the countryside
  • safeguard the country`s civil defence
  • participate in the safeguarding of national defence in cooperation with the Armed Forces.

The Minister of Public Order implements public order policy whithin the context of overall government policy and guidelines. It also supervises, coordinates and controls activities of forces reporting to the Ministry and its internal services. He also supervises the Center for Security Studies (KE.ME.A.), which is a legal entity of private law, based in Athens.

The Secretary General assists the Minister in performing his duties and carry out tasks stipulated by law and those assigned to him by the Minister.

The following agencies fall under the Ministry of Public Order`s jurisdiction:

  • Hellenic Police
  • The Fire Brigade
  • The National Intelligence Service
  • The Civil Defence Directorate-Emergency Planning Directorate
  • The Country Police Force Division