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30-08-2004: Thank-you Note by the Minister of Public Order to the Olympic Security Members of Staff

Athens, 30-08-2004
Dear friends and precious partners,

“We won the bet!”

Now that the Athens 2004 Olympic Games are coming down to their end, let me express my warmest gratitude, from the bottom of my heart, for hosting the Games in a perfectly secure way and for creating the most secure environment for both athletes and spectators, according to the opinion of the entire world.
Several months have gone by since the day we created this strong bond between us and gave this promise to exceed ourselves and devote all our efforts to this high goal. Each and every one of us worked hard and indeed succeeded from one΄s own post.
You made personal sacrifices so as to give this beautiful fight that you have eventually won.
You have the whole world now talking about the most successful security measures ever implemented, thanks to your own sense of duty and determination. You strived for excellence, raising the stakes higher than ever before and you have made it. You passed the test once more in front of the entire world and you showed that you can be discreet while also providing with a sense of security all visitors, spectators and athletes.
You counted on the endless support of the Greek people, who is always the ultimate judge of all our actions, in order to go against the ill-predicting voices and finally host the safest Olympic Games in a world terrorized by the September 11th attacks and other similar cases of such violence.
It took men and women of action; it took courageous, decisive and bold men and women to “take this bet”. These are always the kind of people it takes whenever a noble objective is at stake. While creating your own “miracle of security”, the experience you have acquired shall play a key-role to all future successes.
At this point, I would like to particularly mention and thank the scores of security volunteers, who gave the best they had to offer, while always smiling and polite.
I strongly believe that this major success of ours shall make each and everyone of us gain confidence and therefore, maintain a secure environment in our country, something that the Greek people have always longed for.
Let me congratulate and greet once again all the men and women of value and success, all of you who do not only look successful, which of course you are, but who also feel deep inside that their efforts have been fruitful.



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