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02-01-2006: Technical photograph standards for the new passports

Athens, 02/01/2006
In order to facilitate citizens when having a new passport issued by the Hellenic Police Force as of 1-1-2006 and in order to inform professional photographers, it is reminded that pictures figuring at the new passports are subject to concrete technical standards which are mentioned below:
  • It must be a recent photograph, not more than a month old.
  • The dimensions are 40mm X 60mm. It must have been chemically developed on high quality photographic paper and not on a common paper using common printers.
  • The frontal type of picture must be used for the photograph. The rotation of the head must be less than +/- 5 degrees from the center to any direction (up, down, left or right).
  • Shoulders must be aligned in the picture.
  • The expression must be neutral (no smile), with both eyes open and the mouth shut.
  • The individual must stand alone without showing the back of chairs, toys or other individuals.
  • The background must be uniform or with uniform colouring with mild brightness variations to one direction only. The background must be of a light colour, preferably of a white or pale grey shade (up to 5%).
  • The contour of the head and background must be clearly visible in the entire object. No shades may appear on the face. No dark shades may appear in the eyes due to the eyebrows. The iris and the apple of the eyes must be clearly visible.
  • The entire area of the face must be clearly visible with no shades. In case of hats, veils or kerchiefs of any kind, these must be removed. In case they cannot be removed for religious purposes, they must not hide the features of the face and they must not create any shade whatsoever. If the individual wears spectacles, s/he must also wear them for the picture. Spectacles must be clean and transparent in order for the iris and apple of the eyes to be clearly visible.
  • Lighting of the individual and the scenery must be shed in a uniform manner to both sides of the face from above and downwards. Furthermore, lighting must provide the picture of the face with natural shades of the flesh. The ?red-eye effect? is not allowed.
  • The picture of the individual from the shoulders up to the top of the head must cover 70-75% of the picture. In particular, the distance from the chin up to the top of the front must cover 50-60% of the photograph.
Last but not least, it is noted that the passport photograph is different to the identity card photograph.
Further information is available at the Ministry of Public Order website (www.ydt.gror by calling this number: +30 210 7298000

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