Eleftherios Ikonomou

He was born in Konitsa of the Ioannina district on 12-4-1956 .

On 1974 he joined the Force of the former Hellenic Germaderie and graduated from the Officer Police Academy in 1981. He has served in various line as well as staff Services mainly related to state security.

He has attended multiple specialized seminars, in Greece as well as abroad, related to matters of police interest and has taken part in task forces within the framework of the European Union.

He has actively taken part in the struggle for the recognition of the unionism right of the Hellenic Police personnel. Today he is First Honorary Vice President of the Hellenic Federation of Police Officers.

He has served as the first Press Spokesman of the Hellenic Police and the Ministry of Public Order and has held this position from March 2001 until March 2006. He had the responsibility, among others, for the communication strategy during the dismantling of the terrorist groups of 17N and E.L.A., during the Greek Presidency in the EU in 2003 and during the Olympic Games in 2004, always from a security perspective.

As a high ranking Officer he has served with the rank of Police Brigadier General, as Director of the Alien Division of Attica and as First Deputy Director of the Security Division of Attica until March 2008, when he was promoted to the rank of Police Major General and was placed as General Director of VIP Security.

On 3-3-2009 he was promoted to the rank of Police Lieutenant General and was placed as General Police Inspector of Southern Greece.

On 5-11-2009, following a decision by the high-ranking Government Council of Foreign and National Defense Policy he was appointed to the post of Hellenic Police Chief, a position he held until 10-17-2011, when and retired and was awarded the title of Honorary Chief of Hellenic Police.

A joint decision of the Prime Minister and Minister of Citizen Protection, on 11-5-2011, was appointed Secretary General of Public Order.

A decision of the Prime Minister, on 07-03-2012, was appointed Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection.

On 17.05.2012 sworn Minister of Citizen Protection in the caretaker Goverment 

He is married and has one daughter.