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08-01-2006: Announcement by the Chief of the Hellenic Police Force regarding today`s publication in the “PROTO THEMA” newspaper


Athens, 08/01/2006

In relation with today`s publication in the “PROTO THEMA” newspaper regarding the meeting of the General Police Directors and Heads of Departments of the country, on 17/12/2005 at the premises of the Ministry of Public Order, and in particular, in relation with the contents of the articles claiming that the Police Director of Ioannina had supposedly reported on the problems facing the Ioannina Transport Department, the following must be stated: these are not sound allegations, given the fact that in this meeting no issue related to the Ioannina Transport Department was addressed.

To be more specific, it would be useful to add that this is a regular meeting held on a yearly basis. This year it was held on the 12th and the 13th of December, 2005 at the General Police Division of Attica, and the purpose was to assess the policy against crime implemented in the year 2005, in order to set goals and priorities for the year 2006 and take increased measures for the country`s road network in view of the Christmas holidays.

The operational leadership of the Police Force reported during this meeting concrete problems or deficiencies in the transport and detention of prisoners and the Head of Evia Police Division was invited to make further observations on the deficiencies during the transport from Halkida to Athens on 24/11/2005 of a dangerous criminal and his attempt to escape.

Moreover, the Head of the Transport Department of the Courts of Attica reported on the transport procedures of detainees, since this Service has now been upgraded to a Division (instead of Sub-division) and shall now cooperate closely with the regional services.

It must also be said that with regard to the problems that may have incidentally occurred during the detention and the transport of prisoners, the Hellenic Police Force Headquarters has issued orders to all the Police Divisions of the country (the latest on 25/11/2005), instructing on the way to apply the prevailing provisions and on the constant training of staff in this field.

Last but not least, it should be noted that on 17/12/2005, the Hellenic Police Force Headquarters has sent an order to all General Police Divisions, with the following content:

  •  The framework of the transport process of detainees is reviewed,
  •  Directors and Heads of Departments are asked to submit reports on problems that may have occurred up to 20/01/2006,
  • Proposals and suggestions should be put forward to deal with this issue in a more comprehensive way.

Based on the evaluation of reports and proposals, the updating of the existing Regulatory Order shall also eventually be considered.

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