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06-02-2006: Justice and Home Affairs Ministers` Summit in the context of the South East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) (Loutraki 7-8/2/2006)

Our country is currently holding the SEECP presidency, from May 2005 to May 2006.
MINISTRY OF JUSTICE                                                            MINISTRY OF PUBLIC ORDER

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Athens, 06/02/2005
Press release
The Summit of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers of the South East Europe Cooperation Process shall begin tomorrow, on Tuesday 7/2/2006, at Loutraki, Corinthia (“POSEIDON RESORT” hotel). This Summit takes place in the context of the Greek Presidency and shall end on Wednesday 8/2/2006.
The Minister of Justice, Mr. Anastassios Papaligouras and the Minister of Public Order, Mr. George Voulgarakis shall chair the summit, in which the following Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs shall participate:
  • Albania (Aldo BUMCI, Justice Minister and Sokol OLLDASHI, Home Affairs Minister),
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina (Slobodan KOVAC, Justice Minister and Barisa COLAK, Security Minister),
  • Bulgaria (Georgi PETKANOV, Justice Minister, Rumen PETKOV, Home Affairs Minister, Boyko KOTZEV, Deputy Home Affairs Minister),
  • Croatia (Vesna SKARE OZBOLT, Justice Minister and Ivica KIRIN, Home Affairs Minister),
  • Moldavia (Victoria IFTODI, Justice Minister),
  • FYROM (Ljubomir MIHAJLOVSKI, Home Affairs Minister and Subhi JAKUPI, Deputy Justice Minister),
  • Romania (Blaga VASILE, Home Affairs Minister and Ion CODESCU, Deputy Justice Minister),
  • Serbia-Montenegro (Zoran STOJKOVIC, Minister of Justice of Serbia, Zeljko STURANOVIC, Minister of Justice of Montenegro, Dragan JOCIC, Home Affairs Minister of Serbia and Jusuf KALAMPEROVIC, Home Affairs Minister of Montenegro) and
  • Turkey (Cemil CICEK, Justice Minister).
Furthermore, Austria shall be represented in this Summit, since it is currently holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, whereas representatives of the following international organizations have also been invited:
  • European Commission,
  • Europol,
  • South East Europe Cooperation Initiative,
  • Black Sea Economic Cooperation,
  • Stability Pact for the countries of South-eastern Europe.
The main topics to be discussed during this Summit are on one hand cooperation for regional security and on the other, issues related to the fight against organized crime, trafficking and terrorism.
The SEECP is a regional initiative shared by all countries from South East Europe that have signed the “Good Neighborhood Charter”.
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