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14-04-2006: Speech by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Public Order at the graduation ceremony of the students of the Further Education and Training Department of the Fire Brigade Academy

Let me first of all share with you the warmest congratulations by the Public Order Minister, Mr. Vyron Polydoras, for your graduation from the Department of Further Education and Training of the Fire Brigade Academy.
Now that you have come to the end of your studies, I am certain that you will go back to your duties with enthusiasm, definitely more knowledge and motivation for more work.
As you may know your principal mission is to guarantee the social good of safety to the benefit of the citizens and their property, so that they can all live and create in a safe environment and therefore, benefit all of us and our country.
The citizens` sense of safety is the measure for assessing the success of your mission.
Your duty is to be efficient and hard-working, showing professional proficiency and ethics, so that you can be a true role model for your staff.
You need to inform your staff, guide them, control them, best orient them in performing their duties, and most of all, fill them with courage.
As you well know your operational action, your behavior and your efficacy are assessed and strictly judged by the citizens of this country.
In the past years the Fire Brigade has taken significant steps. Nevertheless, these major successes are the ones setting the pace for us to further intensify our efforts. Needless to say how great are our needs and the challenges, rising ahead of us. But equally great are is your potential.
The citizens await a lot from us and we can give them all that. We owe them to rise up to their expectations and to their increased demands.
I want you to know that we fully confide in you. I would also like to reassure you that we will unconditionally stand by you in your paramount mission.
What I would like to ask you to do, is to be devoted to your work. I am more than certain that with your high sense of duty, the citizens will continue to reward you for what you will be giving to them, just like they do today.
With these thoughts, let me warmly congratulate you once more for your graduation. I urge you – following the most sincere wishes by the Minister, Mr. Vyron Polydoras, to be successful in your mission, to be healthy but also productive. Every successful mission you pull through, places the entire Fire Brigade at the limelight of events.
Congratulations once again and let me also wish you and your families all the best for the Easter holidays.

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