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14-12-2005: Statement of the Minister of Public Order for the accusations about the Pakistani citizens΄ abduction

Athens, 14-12-2005
I would like to categorically   deny the possibility of a forced abduction and interrogation of Pakistani citizens who reside in Greece.
Such an issue never existed, does not exist and will never exist.
Any accusations of this sort are being faced by the Ministry of Public Order as possibly suspicious and intentional. They are directed towards attack   in   the positive environment and the security that the members of the Pakistani  Community feel in our country, and also the very good relation they maintain with the Greek Authorities and Services.
At the same time the claim, that British agents acted illegally and without  informing the Greek Authorities in our country after the terrorist attack in London, really seems silly.
Such things never happen, given as a fact the very good and continuous cooperation maintained by the Authorities, the Security and Counterterrorist Services of the European Union.
And they do not happen simply because there is no reason for them to happen.
I would like to assure you that the international cooperation, as well as the actions of our Services and the Security Authorities of our country, operated, operate and will continue to operate within the framework of the Constitution and the legal civilization of the Hellenic Republic.
We have denied any real basis of certain accusations since last August, when the issue was elevated to the first pages of the Hellenic Press by the newspaper TA NEA as well as during the Parliamentary control process in a question answered at the Hellenic Parliament on September 15th 2005.
If today BBC and other networks re-examine the case they do not offer anything new. ?±he case lacks any real basis.
This is being assured in the most official way by the UK through Jack Straw?Ls statements. Greece yesterday and today. But also Pakistan. Few hours ago I met with the Ambassador and Head of the Diplomatic mission of Pakistan in Greece, who informed me that no such report has come to the attention of the Embassy by the Pakistani Community in Greece.
I would like to close the issue with a question:
Provocation or Farse?
Tomorrow a very important summit for the international environment will begin. In it Greece , Pakistan , Iran and Turkey participate.
Among the issues to be discussed are illegal immigration, trafficking and organized crime.
The Hellenic Ministry of Public Order puts special emphasis on the success of the summit and its institutionalization.
Apart from the confirmation of its regional international role, Greece proves that in every conjuncture and historical period, there is always room for discussion and negotiations which usually solve great and important problems in respect to our civilization

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