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General Secretary, Tzanetos Filippakos Print E-mail


Secretary General for the Coordination of Aliens, Non EU-Nationals and Irregular Migration Affairs, Ministry of Interior

Tzanetos Filippakos was born in Gytheio (Lakonia) in 1952. He is married and father of two adult children. He resides in Chaidari (Attica). He has been a retired Police General since 2009 and a full professor at the Hellenic Police Academy.

In 2012, he became actively involved in politics as a member of the “Independent Greeks” political party, where he was appointed Secretary General for Security and Citizen Protection Affairs.

On 30th April 2015, he was appointed Alternate Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction responsible for the coordination of the services/agencies of the former Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection, the Ministry of Immigration Policy and the Hellenic Coast Guard in the sensitive field of migration, as well as for the Aliens and Border Protection Branch of the Hellenic Police Headquarters.

On 3rd October 2017, he took up his duties as Secretary General for the Coordination of Aliens, Non EU-Nationals and Irregular Immigration Affairs of the Ministry of Interior (Presidential Decree 119/2017). His responsibilities include:

  • supervising and controlling the Aliens, Border Protection and Illegal Immigration Divisions of the Aliens and Border Protection Branch (Hellenic Police Headquarters), as well as all relevant regional Hellenic Police services;
  • supervising the National Coordination Centre for Border Control, Immigration and Asylum;
  • exercising the administrative powers relating to aliens affairs;
  • ensuring communication, contact and collaboration of the former Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection and the Hellenic Police with the Hellenic Coast Guard, the relevant services of the Ministry of Immigration, Police and all co-competent ministries, authorities and services/agencies, for the development of joint actions aimed at addressing irregular migration; and
  • representing the Ministry, following authorisation by the Alternate Minister of Interior, in international meetings, conferences and events relating to irregular migration and the relevant Security Forces competencies and actions.

He is a graduate of the Hellenic Police Academy (Officer’s School). He has also studied Public Administration and Political Science at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens), from which he has also received his Master’s Degree. He has participated in numerous training programs and seminars on public administration, management and criminology, both in Greece and abroad.

Throughout his police career, beyond systematic curricular training, he also received specialised training on terrorism, organised crime, Olympic Games security, human rights, administration-leadership and various other fields.

He has been a Professor at the Hellenic Police Academy for the last 27 years, where he has been teaching courses on public prosecution and public order policing (police services operation, foot and vehicle police patrols, implementation of legislation in force).

He has been honoured several times by the State for his contribution to the society and the police.

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