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Syggrou 83 Avenue
P.C. 11745
Tel. +30 210-9285120
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The Initial Reception Service was established by law n. 3907/2011.
The objective of the Initial Reception Service for migrants and refugees is the reception of third country nationals who are arrested due to illegal entry or stay in Greece, under conditions that guarantee human dignity and their rights, in accordance with the international obligations of the country. This reception, in addition to ensuring the immediate vital needs of the third country nationals, includes certain procedures, such as identification, registration, medical screening and socio-psychological support, provision of information on their rights and obligations, and the referral of vulnerable persons such as unaccompanied children and victims of torture. When an application for asylum or another form of international protection is made, the decision will be taken immediately by the Asylum Service. Third country nationals who do not meet the criteria for remaining legally in the country will be deported. These procedures will be undertaken by the regional first reception services in cooperation with the regional asylum offices, which shall be created over the next months throughout the territory of Greece in accordance with the provisions of the above mentioned law. The smooth operation of the first reception services will have as result improving the sense of security of Greek citizens and public order, since migration flows will be managed more efficiently, as well as respecting the rights of third country nationals.
The Initial Reception Service is an autonomous body reporting to the Minister of Citizen Protection, and is headed by a Director, at the level of Secretary, who is appointed by the Minister of Citizen Protection following a public announcement, and for a period of three years.

Maria Stavropoulou served as the first Director of the Initial Reception Service from 1.9.2011 until 3.2.2012. Mr Panagiotis Nikas is the Director of the Initial Reception Service.   


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